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April 23, 2017  FB post by E. Doerr...

7 reasons why I like showing at Hollyhurst Farm in Carlisle, P.A.

1) It's a beautiful show. All of the rings and jumps are decorated so nicely and the horse ring always has a lovely island. *if you look closely you'll probably spot a tiny statue in the island. One year it was a fox another a rabbit. I like to look at every show and see. It's a fun little secret.

2) They offer a classic in the children's horse and pony division and you win prize money!! That's not always the case for ponies to win prize money at shows so that's a nice treat. My friend also won a saddle pad and another won a pretty picture frame in the classic.

3) The food stand and grill benefits the Dickinson College equestrian team. That's cool.

4) Schooling before your division. If you have a young pony like me it's extra nice when you can school with a smaller group.

5) Everyone is friendly. That always goes a long way. Even when there is a trainer conflict the staff are kind and helpful.

6) It's nice when a show shares points with so many organizations. I'm a member of nearly all of them on the prize list and I appreciate it. PHSA, CPJHSA, MHSA, EPPHA, NAL, Take2.

7) Quality footing in both rings is good for our animals and holds up to rain. Even lots of rain. Speaking of rain. There is a huge quiet indoor for warming up your horse and behind it is an even bigger additional warm up ring available for lunging. That ring has the best footing I've ever seen in a lunging area.

My little brother gives it a spectator score of a thumbs up! For plenty of seating near the pony ring, shaded parking (in case you spend time sitting in a car) good food and friendliness. He says "look for the boxer dog named Bella, she is really sweet."

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